The Right Shade of Brunette

The Right Shade of Brunette

June 19, 2014
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The Right Shade of Brunette

Are you thinking of getting a darker hair color this year? Why not go for the brunette? It is a classic and timeless color that never goes out of trend. Darker color is also suitable for winter or cold weather months. Hence, we bring you this guide to help you find the right shade of brunette to strut this season. Especially for these friends who are using Human Hair Extensions daily, you may find the suitable color of Hair Extensions based on below guides.

Why You Should Consider Going Brunette

There are several reasons to opt for a brunette hair color, even if your natural hair color might lean towards brownish shade. If your natural brown hair lacks some vibrancy, going brunette will help achieve that deep and rich brownish color to it.

Meanwhile, another incentive to switching to brunette is the relatively easy upkeep (applicable only for those with naturally brown color). This is a low maintenance color and all the styling measures you have to take applies with any colored hair – no special maintenance required.

Lastly, if your hair has suffered from tremendous damage from chemical treatments in the past or it is dull-looking, switching to brunette makes a good idea. Darker hues tend to reflect light much better so it will instantly give natural shine and glow to your hair.

Choosing the Right Shade

It is important to consider not just your personal preferences when deciding on what shade of brunette to get for your hair. For instance, you need to look at your haircut and how the color will be able to maximise your styling efforts. Here are some guidelines that you need to look into before you head to the salon:

* Always go for extreme colors. If you want light, go very light. If you want dark, go totally dark. Medium shades often look bland and you want to avoid that.

* Adjust the hue based on your haircut. If you a one-length haircut, go deeper on the shade because you want to make something impactful and bold. On the flipside, add some highlights or lowlights to your hair color if you have short or layered haircut to put more emphasis on the texture.

* If you want to go extremely dark, such as dark chocolate, make sure to get it done only by a professional. In case you do it at-home and you go darker than what you intended to, lightening it can cause extreme damage to your hair. And yet, oftentimes, you do not end up with the color you initially wanted.

* Avoid using hairspray, whenever possible. This product can take the sheen out of the brunette hair color, which is counter-productive to your efforts at switching to a brunette shade.

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