Styling Tricks for Short Hair

Styling Tricks for Short Hair

July 10, 2014
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Styling Tricks for Short Hair

Since last year, the short hair trend has been dominating the scene. From A-list celebrities to the streets, short hair is no doubt the haircut of choice for a lot of women. However, there are a few more that approach short hair with skepticism with the most common misconception being that you do not have as much styling options as offered by long hair or Hair Extensions. On the flip side, styling short hair provides as many (if not more) options as long hair.

To break it down, here are the simple hairstyles that are covered:
1) the ponytail, 2) half up, half down, 3) retro side up, and 4) front braid. These hairstyles are so easy to do, especially if you have mastered how to do them. And yet, they can make you look chic and effortlessly stunning even with short hair.

Do you have short hair? What is your favorite way to style your hair or Human Hair Extensions?

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