Styling Techniques to Achieve Different Waves of Human Hair Weave

Styling Techniques to Achieve Different Waves of Human Hair Weave

June 5, 2014
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Styling Techniques to Achieve Different Waves of Human Hair Weave

Lots of women pick beachy waves for their go-to hair style if they want something laid back and casual. The main reason for this is that most of these women think that this particular hair style is easy to do. In reality, however, it takes a bit more styling technique and prowess in order to pull off that tousled waves that you’ve aspired to have. But we give you some of the tricks that celebrity hair stylists have used on their A-list clients to create better-looking waves that are characterised by their loose and tousled shape (which consequently gives off that casual vibe to the hairstyle). This is appliable especially for latest hair styles of Human Hair Extensions.

No.1: For this hairstyling technique, you need to pull out the curling iron. Start off by pulling out a strand of hair. Then, hold out the curling iron in a vertical manner. Wrap the hair around the barrel but don’t secure it with the clamp. Hold your hair in place for a few seconds before releasing. You will notice that your hair is springier than you would want for a beachy wave look. Hence, gently pull your hair down while it is still hot. That pulling motion will release the Human Hair Weave from the coil for more loose waves. Do this with the rest of your hair to get those effortlessly beautiful tousled waves.

No.2: For this trick, you will be needing a styling mousse. This product is great for styling waves as it can provide more hold while your hair dries. The key to more styling success with mousse for beach waves is to use the right amount. Start off by applying a small amount onto your palm first and then rubbing it together. But instead of rubbing your palms directly towards the scalp, use your fingertips to dip some product in. Still using your fingertips, massage the product onto the scalp then work it towards the ends. This is a great technique to achieve great waves without weighing down your Hair Weave.
No.3: Heat is responsible for changing the natural shape of the hair. Hence, use this trick to take advantage of that and be able to retain the new shape once it cools down. For this technique of creating beautifully tousled waves, you need to start with dry hair and then brush it out. Apply a light hold hair spray before whipping out the curling iron. Use the technique on number one but make sure to re-coil hair after you’ve released it from the curling iron. Use a bobby pin to secure the hair onto the coil. Once it has cooled down, only then should you release it from its re-coil position. When you have done this to all of your hair, finish off with another round of light hold hair spray.

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