Old Hollywood Curly Hair Style

Old Hollywood Curly Hair Style

December 30, 2013
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Old Hollywood Curly Hair Style

This article will guide you how to make the old Hollywood curly hair style.
As we know that the old Hollywood wave is making a huge comeback into the red carpet scene lately. This look is a favorite to women especially fashionable women who like to exude the old Hollywood glam vibe into their look. But did you know that you can recreate this look yourself and it is very easy to do? The answer is absolutely. Please read below to understand how to make this curly hair style step by step:

Step1. Start by washing hair. Separate the top portion of the hair and twist it while securing it up-top with bobby pins or clips. This will allow you to work on the remaining half of the hair.

Step2. Let hair dry to about 60-70%. Before it is completely dry, apply a volumising foam. This product will help to give more hold into the hair, make it easier to style, and allow it to retain the shape you whenever you style it.

Step3. Apply a light hold hairspray onto the hair that you just applied foam to. Take out a round bristle brush and use it for blow drying hair. This will help to smooth out the hair shaft and give it a uniform finish to your curls later on.

Step4. Use your curling iron and wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around it. When removing the hair from the curling iron, slowly glide the hair away from it. Use your fingers to shape each curl and give it more definition. Do this as you go along.

Step5. While the hair is still warm, loop the curled hair around and tie it with a clip to help retain longevity to those curls. When you are done, move on to the next section of hair until you are done with all sections.

Step6. Wait for all sections to cool down before you remove the clips on each section. Blow dry the sections to hold style. Use a rattail comb to part hair and do some finishing touches on the curls.

Step7. Use a smoothing or shine serum to give a glossy finish to the curls.

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