Multi-Tone Ombre Hair Extensions

Multi-Tone Ombre Hair Extensions

July 17, 2014
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Multi-Tone Ombre Hair Extensions

Kate Mara and other daring celebrities do not like to be confined in a box as far as experimenting with hair colour is concerned. Hence, this trend-setting celebrities are creating a whole new look that a lot of women are raving about. Just when you thought that the ombre trend is slowly fizzling out, it is actually taking on a new form and one that is bolder and edgier – the multi-tone ombre Human Hair Extensions.

Famous hairstylists agree that this kind of hair colour is getting a lot of attention lately with several clients turning to their favorite celebrities for hairstyle inspiration.

The most characteristic feature of a multi-toned ombre is (as the name implies) the lack of one stark colour that shines through with your dominant hair colour. As a result, there is a resulting blend of colour that are mostly made of soft tones and lighter hues.

Celebrity hair experts also suggest going for a multi-toned ombre for those brunettes that are looking to switch into a blonde hair colour. A multi-toned ombre is a more natural and safer transition for your hair. However, it takes patience to achieve this look as hairstylists point that it could take up to a year before you finally get around to achieving this colour.

If you are thinking of getting the multi-toned ombre colour, here are a few pointers to consider from expert hairstylists:

* The multi-tone ombre works best for longer hair. This makes it better to showcase the multi-tone colour effect or else the colour might look a bit choppy and contrived.

* If you are feeling a bit bold, you can also try a multi-tone reverse look. This is especially true during cold autumn and winter months.

* If you like wearing waves or curls, the multi-tone ombre will help enhance your hairstyle. The blending of different colours help to create a more defined set of curls versus not having the multi-tone effect. It also creates an illusion of movement for the hair.

* It is low maintenance. As far as hair colour goes, ombre is a good option if you do not want to maintain high upkeep for your hair. There is no need to update your hair colour regularly because any new growth or change in the hair colour tone will all seem part of the look. In fact, new growth is welcomed as it will add more dimension to your hair colour.

The multi-tone ombre is not very popular yet, though. If you are planning to get one for yourself, do not forget to bring a photo to show your hairstylist. This will give them an idea on how you want the hair colour to appear.

Would you dare rock the multi-tone ombre Hair Extensions? Or you’re over the ombre trend by now?

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