How to Style Human Hair Extensions

How to Style Human Hair Extensions

June 1, 2014
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How to Style Human Hair Extensions

With hair styling, it is always fun to play around with various hair styles and looks. When you use Human Hair Extensions, it seems as though your choices are rather limited. But you do not have to mope and frown at these as you can try various simple tricks to give your fine Hair Extensions a boost. You can fake the fluff or embrace your fine strands to create your dream hair style.

Take note of a few strategies when working with fine hair to create that perfect hair style.

Styling in the shower. If you want to boost your fine Hair Extensions especially as Hair Weave, you need to build the foundation while you’re still in the shower. There are several thickening or volumising shampoos that you can use to add more life and body to your skinny strands. Make sure you do not counteract the effects of the shampoo by opting for a conditioner that will weigh down your strands.

Volumising mousse can do the trick. A small amount of root volumiser and styling mousse can go a long way in enhancing volume and body into your fine strands. Make sure that you apply the product directly to the roots for more effective lift and then massage it using your fingers for complete absorption.

Use velcro rollers. Wait for hair to dry after the shower and put in Velcro rollers at the top section. For more effective lift, work with one-inch section at a time. This is an effective styling technique when you want to get more volume for a specific occasion. Leave the rollers on for a few minutes or take them out right before walking out the door.

Take advantage of gravity. The good old trick of flipping your head upside down as you blow dry and brush it. It is very effective in lifting hair off the roots for maximum fullness.

How do you deal with fine strands? What is your trick to boosting volume and giving it body?

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