How To Make Fingerwaves Human Hair Weave

How To Make Fingerwaves Human Hair Weave

June 10, 2014
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How To Make Fingerwaves Human Hair Weave

Step 1  Start with wet, towel dried hair and liberally apply a setting lotion or medium- firm hold gel like the one mentioned above. Be sure that your Human Hair Weave has enough product in it to stay in a molded position.

Step 2  Decide where you would like your finger waves to begin (side parting is recommended)

Step 3  Once you have chosen which side you would like to start on, preferably starting with the heavy side, comb all the hair from the first side section toward your face.

Step 4  Then, once hair is combed forward, lay your finger parallel and just below the part, making sure to hold your finger down firmly to hold the hair in that position.  (This is where you would use a waving clip if you chose to make your life a little easier)

Step 5  Using your comb, position the teeth straight towards the head and begin combing the Hair as Brazilian Hair Weave back in the opposite direction, sideways along your finger, away from the face. Secure with a waving clip if you choose to.  These will create your first C-shaped ridge.

Step 6   Repeat the process, combing Hair towards your face again, and continuing through step 5.

Step 7   Repeat entire process on back of head, repeating the side to side combing motion.

Step 8  Once at the ends of the Hair Weave– this is where you can put your own personal twist on it. You can either do the typical pin curl placement, or add rollers, a low bun, chignon or other up-do.

Step 9   Allow finger waves, and setting of your choice to dry completely before styling

Step 10  Using the wide end of your comb, gently and lightly brush out finger waves to give them volume without looking slicked down, or leave as is like the fabulous Tyra Banks did!

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