How to Deal With Hat Hair

How to Deal With Hat Hair

December 30, 2013
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How to Deal With Hat Hair

During summer or winter, hats provide protection to your locks from the harsh environmental conditions (heat from the sun and dry, humid winds from the snow). When you choose the right hat, it can also add a certain layer of style to your overall outfit. But there is one problem facing women who have to wear hat during these times of the year- hat squished hair! It does not sound good nor does it look good! Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Thankfully, you can stop hating it and begin to do something about it. Here are some tricks that you can use to get rid of that hat hair problem and keep your locks looking food.

Apply Hairspray on the Roots
When wearing a hat, there are certain parts of the hair that are likely to get squished. Separate this section and apply hairspray. Start from the base up to the mid-length. The use of hairspray will help the hair stand straight and obtain volume rather than stick to the roots. In addition, it will provide resistance from the hat so it does not get squished too easily.

Remove Hat Indoors
It’s true – hats can be stylish. But resist the temptation to keep wearing it even when you are indoors to give your locks a break from the squishing. And if that is not reason enough to remove your hat, it is also considered rude to wear hat indoors. Use this opportunity to comb or toss your hair a little bit to keep it from getting flat.

Learn Some Hair-Packing Tricks
Another great styling trick to combat hat hair is to learn how to pack your hair. The simplest trick is to do a loose bun because it helps to conceal hair inside a hat without messing it up. But a low ponytail can work just as fine. However, you can experiment with different ways of packing your hair based on what works for you and what your hair type is.

Oil Is Your Friend
Going out during winter with wet hair is not recommended. However, it is important to maintain moisture in your hair to fight squishy hat hair. You can use any type of oil that works best for your hair and apply it as you would a hair serum. This will give optimum hydrating boost to your locks and give it a shiny finish, too.

Choose a Hair-Friendly Hat
The type of hat you wear is also critical in making your hair look good and non-squishy under a hat. Roomy hats like a fedora or bean hat does not squish your hair and cause it to fall flat. Choose a style that suits your personality and does not make your hair too messy, either.

Give Proper Conditioning
A leave-in conditioner works the same way as treatment oils do for your hat hair. Hair that is too dry and stripped off moisture can cause hair to become frizz and extremely messy when you put on hat. Regular conditioning is, therefore, vital to fight the signs of static in hair when wearing a hat. Opt for a conditioning treatment that contains vitamin E to effectively seal in moisture in your locks.

Do you have other tricks to add to combat hat hair?

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