How To Care Your Curly Hair Extensions In Winter

How To Care Your Curly Hair Extensions In Winter

June 20, 2014
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How To Care Your Curly Hair Extensions In Winter

Styling curly Hair Extensions entails its own set of challenges. However, things become more challenging due to the arid conditions of winter because frizz can be such a pain to deal with. This is true even for non-curly women, so you can only imagine how much change is required in your hair care routine just to ensure that those frizz and curls are well behaved.

Thankfully, we have gathered some hair care and styling tips that you can use during the colder months. These tips will help you make curls more manageable so you do not have to spend your winter just wishing for your frizz to go away.

Get Some Honey

When you are trying to get moisture sealed in to your curly hair for winter, honey is a good natural product to use in conjunction with your existing hair care efforts. It acts as a humectant so you not only seal in moisture, but also able to draw moisture from the outside. Use honey in conjunction with natural oils to get the maximum benefit.

Snip Regularly

Regular trimming is advised during winter time for curly women. If you can, have your hair trimmed once in every 10-week period. Your hair might be vulnerable to dryness during winter but most especially your ends. You need to snip those out of the way before they get worse.

All About Moisture

Parched winter hair is a result of lack of moisture. During winter time, you need to subject your curly hair to a deep conditioning treatment for at least once a week. Choose a deep conditioner that is designed to infuse lots of moisture into your hair, such as those made with natural oils. As part of your deep conditioning treatment, massage it to your scalp. To make the most of your moisture repair treatment, minimise your use of shampoo during winter.

Use the Right Products

There are several products designed to help your hair cope during winter. Hence, make sure to invest in them so your curly hair can stay manageable and easy to style. Some of the best products you can stock up with during winter time include a moisturising conditioner, curl cream and a hair mask. Use these products regularly so you not only get frizz-free curls but also one that is healthy and vibrant looking.

Lay Off the Heat

If you are used to heat styling, curly women are advised to tone it down during winter. This is a general hair care rule for winter because you do not need the additional heat as it can counteract your efforts at maintaining moisture. But if you are short on time in the morning and had to whip out the blow dryer, do not forget to use the diffuser and set it on low heat. It is a safer approach as compared to stepping out of the house with wet hair or Hair Weave.

Skip Protein Treatments

Protein treatments might be beneficial to fortify weak strands. However, you should avoid them during winter, especially if you have naturally curly hair. Too much protein can actually make your hair dry and brittle. Hence, you need to be extra cautious when choosing a deep conditioning treatment because you do not want to use one that is protein-rich in formula.
Diffuser is Your BFF

As mentioned above, a diffuser is your best friend for styling curly hair during winter. It is recommended that you reduce the amount of heat styling for winter and this is especially true for curly haired women as they are prone to frizz. By using a diffuser, you make it easier to style curly hair without the frizz or heat damage.

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