How to Air Dry Your Hair?

How to Air Dry Your Hair?

June 30, 2014
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How to Air Dry Your Hair?

Regular heat styling is a common feature in a modern woman’s daily hair care and styling routine. Modern technologies had enabled manufacturers to design heat styling tools that minimize heat damage even with regular use. However, too much of anything can still be damaging, especially if you frequently expose your hair or Human Hair Extensions to high levels of temperature. It is therefore recommended that you give your hair or Human Hair Weave Extensions a break from time to time to minimize strain. In addition, prevention is still better than cure when it comes to maintaining healthy hair.

One of the most basic heat styling tools around is the blow dryer. It is a busy woman’s BFF in the morning when you have limited time to dry and style hair or Hair Extensions. The heat from the blow dryer aids in the quick dissipation of excess moisture in order to dry hair and make it easier to style. But exposing your hair to heat on a regular basis can cause incremental damage over time. Air drying your hair is therefore a good alternative to ease up on heat styling. It is also the simplest to follow, especially if you are not in a big hurry and can afford to let your hair air dry.

The first step to speed up the air drying process is to make sure that you have excreted all possible liquid from your hair. To do this, gather your hair into a low ponytail. Then, gently squeeze the strands to wring out any liquid absorbed into the strands. Do this several times to ensure that you get rid of as much excess moisture as you can.

The secret to successful air drying is to find the right towel to use. Go for an ultra absorbent towel, such as a micro fibre towel, to quickly absorb excess moisture and speed up the drying process. At the same time, it is gentle enough to not cause harm to your strands.

Another technique to air drying requires the most indispensable tool available – your fingers! Run your fingers through the hair starting from the scalp and down towards the ends. Make sure you light the hair off the roots as you do so to allow air into your strands and gradually decrease drying time. An extra incentive to doing this is that it will help boost volume on hair as the strands are lifted off the roots.

Lastly, go outside and allow fresh air to dry your hair. This will serve as your natural blow dryer, minus the heat. However, do this only during summer or spring as the cold temperature during fall or winter might cause wet hair to freeze, which can also be extremely damaging.

Do you like to air dry your hair or Hair Extensions? Have you noticed any major benefits?

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