Hair Care Ingredients Protein 101

Hair Care Ingredients Protein 101

July 12, 2014
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Hair Care Ingredients Protein 101

Protein is one of the main building structures of your hair and Human Hair Extensions. Without it, hair becomes weak and brittle, which consequently makes it prone to damage. Getting enough protein for your hair is vital in preserving the integrity of each strands. After all, an effective hair care routine consists of not only keeping hair looking beautiful but healthy, too.

Check out this guide of the common types of protein found in hair care products and their corresponding roles:


Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that comprises most of your hair. Hence, getting sufficient amount of protein correlates with the strength and integrity of your hair strands. Causing damage to the external layer of keratin can also produce tremendous damage to the hair or Human Hair Weave Extensions, which is exhibited by dryness, brittleness, and overall dullness of the hair.

Nowadays, you can get a keratin treatment that is designed to reverse the effects of damage described above. Keratin is introduced to the hair to fill in the damaged part of the cuticle layer and make strands smooth.


Like keratin, your hair is also made up of another type of protein: collagen. This protein can be found in all of the body’s connective tissues. Collagen deficiency can make hair more prone to breakage and dehydration.

But you can get more benefits by undergoing collagen treatment for hair. These benefits include having more moisture, silky-looking hair, and strands that feel softer to the touch. If you undergo collagen rebonding services, make sure to get it done by a trusted professional to ensure that your hair won’t suffer from any side effects from the treatment.

Silk Amino Acids

Silk amino acids are important ingredients in a hair care product. This type of protein is naturally molecular in size, which allows it to penetrate deep into the hair strands. It can produce several benefits including softer and stronger hair without resulting to product buildup. Silk amino acids are also often treated into hair prior to undergoing a chemical treatment to serve as a protective coating and preserve the integrity of the hair strands.
Wheat Protein

There are two main functions served by wheat protein for hair products: 1) moisturising and 2) strengthening. When your hair has sufficient amount of wheat protein, it is better able to absorb moisture. At the same, it also improves hair’s ability to retain that moisture so hair feels softer and looks smoother.

Now that you know what type of proteins are present in hair care products, hopefully you’d be able to make wiser decision in purchasing products for your hair and Hair Extensions. Do you always read the label or not?

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