Five things you should not do for healthy winter hair

Five things you should not do for healthy winter hair

July 4, 2014
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Five things you should not do for healthy winter hair

Winter has its own set of challenges. If you thought dealing with your hair or Human Hair Extensions during summer can be tough, wait until the season changes into winter to experience its harsh effects. Hence, most women adjust their hair care routine to provide care and prevent common problems associated with winter hair. But while you spend most of your time following recommended care and styling approach for winter hair, it is also important to know some hair styling don’ts. With this information, you can take better measures at caring for your hair or Hair Extensions and not sabotage any wonderful effects you’ve had so far.

DO NOT wash hair daily.

The extreme low temperature during winter can cause hair to become extremely dry. Hence, skipping daily wash is recommended so as not to further aggravate dryness. Whenever you wash, you are stripping off essential natural oils produced by your scalp. You need to preserve these oils to naturally infuse moisture into your hair.

DO NOT step outside without hat or scarf.
The cold winds and temperature can cause tremendous damage to hair or Human Hair Weave Extensions when you leave them exposed. Hence, always cover up your hair when you go out during winter. A little measure like this can go a long way in preventing split ends or dryness.

DO NOT step outside without drying hair.

This is a must unless you want to freeze your hair and lead to breakage. Wet hair is highly vulnerable when you expose it to winter’s cold air and temperature. This is why you need to remember the tip above – always wear protective head gear. If you have extra time, air dry your hair so you do not have to contribute to more damage by blow drying it.

DO NOT use heat tools daily.

Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons… these are basic heat styling tools that a lot of women have depended on for their daily styling needs. However, you might have to ease up a bit on their use when winter comes around. The added heat exposure from these tools can be extremely damaging and make hair more vulnerable to suffering from brittle hair.

DO NOT take hot showers.
Do not fall into the temptation even when the low temperature outside might make you want to take a hot shower. The heat coming from the shower can leave hair dry, brittle, and extremely damaged, especially if you take hot showers regularly. Settle for lukewarm water instead, if you really want to ease up on the cold.

Are you guilty of committing these hair care mistakes on winter for your hair or Human Hair Extensions?

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