Dry Shampoo Mistakes For Human Hair Extension

Dry Shampoo Mistakes For Human Hair Extension

June 15, 2014
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Dry Shampoo Mistakes For Human Hair Extension

It is not uncommon for women these days to go two to three days at a time without shampoo. The benefits (and your hair!) does not lie, though. Skipping the suds give your scalp the opportunity to produce its own natural oils that can nourish both your scalp and hair or Human Hair Extensions. But if you shampoo too often, it can strip all of these benefits away. But what if your hair (that you haven’t washed) has turned limp and lifeless? What’s a girl to do? Dry shampoo comes to the rescue!

Unfortunately, dry shampoo is far too common these days that a lot of women are unable to recognise the proper ways of using it. It turns out that the use of dry shampoo is causing their hair or Hair Extensions more harm than good in the long run. Are you committing these mistakes?

Using Dry Shampoo Every Day

Even though dry shampoo is supposed to provide the effect of a baby powder, absorbing any excess moisture from hair and scalp to make it seem fresh, those two are not the same. Think about the chemical formula that are found in a bottle of dry shampoo. You cannot simply skip shampoo and then apply it onto your hair every morning. Or else, this will clog your pores and prevent the scalp from breathing. Ideally, you need to get a day out of your dry shampoo and then wash the following morning.

Skipping the Scalp

When using dry shampoo, make sure that the product gets to your scalp. Apply it near the roots so you can easily massage it to your scalp. It then mixes with your scalp’s natural oils to ensure better absorption.

Styling too Early

You need to wait at least two minutes after applying the dry shampoo. This will give enough time for the product to be absorbed completely. A lot of women panic when they see white on their scalp as soon as applying dry shampoo. But don’t fret – the product will eventually be absorbed if you let it sit long enough. In case there are still white residues on your hair even after you have worked it into the hair, try applying a serum. Simply run it through your hair using your fingers. It also provides an added benefit of making your hair feel softer but make sure to use a lightweight serum so it does not weigh down your hair.

Not Brushing Through

On top of massaging the product onto the scalp, you need to use a slim brush with tourmaline bristles on your or Human Hair Weave after using dry shampoo. Do this for 2-5 minutes to effectively work the formula into your scalp.

Not Adding Some Scents

Even though using dry shampoo can help liven up unwashed hair, you can mimic freshly washed hair by adding some scents into the mix. Adding a drop of peppermint, grapefruit, eucalyptus or other oils of your preference and then massaging it to your hair using your fingertips can go a long way. This will not only make your hair feel fresh, but also to smell fresh.

Do you use dry shampoo? Are you guilty of committing some of the above mistakes? You can learn more about getting more use out of dry shampoo in another article here.

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