Best Products for Styling Straight Human Hair Extensions

Best Products for Styling Straight Human Hair Extensions

May 28, 2014
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Best Products for Styling Straight Human Hair Extensions

No one wants flat, lifeless and limp hair. That is a sad fact. It is sad because a lot of women with naturally straight hair tend to suffer from the aforementioned hair problem. Indeed, not all women with naturally straight hair can have voluminous and bouncy Human Hair Extensions like you see in a commercial ad all the time. Of course, that does not stop you from wishing you have hair like that, don’t you?

To make styling easier for those with naturally straight hair, you need to arm yourself with the best hair styling products and tools. Take note of the five hair products that enable you to style your straight hair in more ways than you can imagine.


Root Volumiser

Naturally straight Human Hair Weave is beautiful in itself. But it is difficult to disregard the fact that keeping hair volumised can be tricky, if not downright impossible. If you do not style your hair properly, expect it to go limp over time. A root volumising product or spray is therefore a must in your hair styling kit. Apply it to the root area to get instant lift and volume.

Curling Iron

If a woman with straight hair can use only one heat styling tool in her life, this has got to be it. With a good curler, you can add more oomph into your naturally straight locks. You can opt for softly tousled waves or volumised curls. Have fun with different curling techniques with your iron and you will create beautiful hairstyles with it.

Glossing Spray

This product will serve as a finishing touch when you style your straight hair. Nothing beats hair that comes with a subtle gloss to it for that polished effect. Choose a quality shine mist to provide weightless into those straight locks.

Texturising Cream

Adding a little texture to straight hair is another fun way to style it, especially for women with fine hair. There are a lot of texturising creams that offer a bit more hold to hair for easier styling. But even if you do not use it as prep for other hairstyles, adding a small amount of texturiser can infuse a bit of sexiness into any woman’s straight Hair Weave.


Styling straight hair can sometimes be tricky. Just when you finished styling it, it falls flat before you get to even step out of the door. Misting a sufficient amount of hairspray onto your straight hair can help it to hold the style for much longer. Make sure you choose the right hold on your hairspray so that your hair won’t end up feeling too stiff.

What products do you use for your straight Hair Extensions?

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