Balancing Protein and Moisture in Black Hair

Balancing Protein and Moisture in Black Hair

June 16, 2014
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Balancing Protein and Moisture in Black Hair

Are pieces of hair starting to pile on your comb, on the bathroom floor while you shower, or perhaps on your shirt? All of these point to one thing – you are suffering from hair breakage. There is no more telling sign than that.

However, a lot of women fail to realize that hair breakage happens as a result of not just hair thinning. It can be brought on by either lack of moisture or too much protein. Indeed, both elements are ingredients for achieving beautifully, healthy hair but you have to achieve the right balance. Read on to find out how to get enough of both as part of your daily hair care routine, especially for women with naturally black hair or black Human Hair Extensions:


Moisture is a vital component in keeping hair healthy. It is what is responsible for maintaining elasticity. If your hair lacks elasticity, it could easily break with the slightest amount of friction applied to it. And you would not want your hair to break off easily.

The best source of moisture for your hair is water. Without it, your hair loses moisture and is vulnerable to breaking or damage. If you want to maximise the moisturising benefits your hair can get, make sure you invest in water-based products for your hair. The other benefit of products with moisturising properties is that they tend to be absorbed deep into the strands, not just the surface. You have to be cautious when buying moisturising products though – avoid those with ingredients such as lanolin, petroleum and mineral oil. These ingredients only serve as fillers and do not really provide good moisturising effect. In fact, they act as sealants, which deprive your hair with moisture it needs to absorb.
Hair is naturally filled with moisture but the different porosity level in the hair also allows for that moisture to escape. For women with naturally black hair, using other external methods to seal in that moisture is a must. Natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba oil offer the best job at sealing in moisture in the hair. Lightly coat hair with any of these oils after moisturising your hair or Human Hair Weave. If you do not do that, then you are simply preventing the moisture from being absorbed by the strand. Remember, oil does not moisturise hair but helps to seal in the moisture!


Protein is an important component of healthy hair because it makes up the structure of the hair and keeps it strong. After all, 70% of hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein. Using protein-based hair products should be integrated into a black haired woman’s hair care routine to strengthen the hair shaft and fight off breakage.

However, not all proteins are the same. It is important to identify what protein can be beneficial for your hair. Too much protein can also cause your hair to become too stiff, which is also vulnerable to breakage. To give you an idea, you need to check the product percent composition when buying hair care products containing protein ingredients. It is also important to assess your current hair texture and condition because your protein needs largely vary. Women who have undergone colored or perm treatment need more protein than women who haven’t. Undergoing chemical treatments can compromise the natural protein structure of the hair, which makes it vulnerable to damage. A protein reconstructing treatment should be incorporated into your hair care routine to fortify its strength and structure.


Both protein and moisture are important components to achieving healthy hair. You cannot have one without the other. At the same time, there should be a balance between the two – you cannot have more moisture but not enough protein, and vice versa. If your hair or Hair Weave has enough protein content, it is better able to absorb and hold moisture.

How do you ensure that you have a balance of moisture and protein in your hair?

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